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  1. Saleh Faraj

    Saleh Faraj New Member

    Hello PMP aspirant,

    Based on my experience in training PMP exam, I would say that the first step to achieve the PMP certificate is to apply for the exam at

    Once PMI send your eligibility letter, you would have a period of a year to prepera and take the exam.

    Without this step (as I noticed several people) you would postpone your most important objective.
  2. Vinai

    Vinai Administrator Staff Member

    Well said Saleh. A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. And it is the most important step. Once the application form in filled, and approved, the paperwork is completed, and one can focus on the exam preparation.

    There is an excellent PMP Handbook, published by PMI, and available FREE to anyone. It is available at the PMI website at

    Reading it will help you get started on your journey to PMP Certification.

    All the Best - Vinai.
  3. Kakababy

    Kakababy New Member

    Well said. Applying for the exam is a motivation factor
  4. New Member

    Hello all,

    i would say even a step before applying you should consider the mentioned PMP Handbook and verify if you do fullfill the requirements, cause otherwise your application
    will be rejected anyway. So from my point of view this would be the very first step.

  5. Jane

    Jane New Member

    Hi everyone.

    I understand that I must be a project manager to apply for pmp exam. But I am only a team member. Although I have about 2.5 years of experience. Will I qualify for PMP?

  6. New Member

    Hi Jane,

    please let me correct you: you DO NOT have to be a project manager to apply for pmp exam (in fact it doesn't mind what title you had in the past!).
    What you MUST HAVE is the experience what is needed to become a certified professional.
    And if you have the minimum hours of needed experience in the different pm processes that is what you should verify before you apply. Therefore you can refer to the already mentioned PMP handbook 8see the link above).

    Since you have "just" 2,5 Years in the pm field by now me doubt that this would be not enough at this time, but never mind you should develop a plan and work against those requirements until you did. You could use the meantime for preparing as well.

    If you want, i could provide you an excel workbook where you can document your experience hours by now and see how far you already have proceeded and what you still need.
    Please write me a note if you want to receive this.

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