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    Do you know the minimum eligibility criteria for the PMP Exam?

    You need to have 3 things:

    1. A Graduate Degree or a Diploma

    2. Working Experience on Projects
    - a minimum of 4500 hours over 36 months for Degree holders OR
    - a minimum of 7500 hours over 60 months for Diploma holders

    3. A 35 Contact Hours certificate - showing that you have actually studied project management formally. You could take the training in a classroom, or online. Our PMCHAMP's online PMP training qualifies for the 35 Contact Hours too.

    Make sure you have these three things. If you have any questions about these, you can post such questions about eligibility for the PMP certification here.
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    just to clarify that, cause it is often mentioned wrong out there and may cuase the confusion of lot of aspirants about this topic:
    We are talking about 35 "contact hours" and NOT PDU's which are needed for pmp application.
    So, why is that difference important?
    Cause, there is a ton of sources for gaining PDU's out there which are needed for re-certification but didn't count as "contact hours"!

    Therefore it is important to be very clear here imho.

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    Thanks PM.Plus.
    Yes, the third requirement is to collect 35 contact hours of formal project management training. This is to ensure that everyone studies the basics of project management, and is aware of the key terms used in the PM industry.

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