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The PMP Exam is Changing Significantly on 2-Jan-2021.

If you wish to pass PMP before 2-Jan-2021, then join our training immediately.

This Training DOES NOT cover the changes after 2-Jan-2021.

Imagine Passing The PMP Exam Quickly & Confidently
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Our PMP Training has Helped Thousands Like You to Earn the PMP Credential in their First Attempt!

You Know that having the PMP certification will Help your Career.

But You're Stuck somehow... & Need Help, Fast!

Is This You?

  • You are in Fear of the PMP exam because you've heard most people fail the Exam in their first attempt?
  • It’s taking WAAAY too long to study for the PMP Exam? With each step forward, you take several steps back.
  • You're overwhelmed by the number of Formulas to memorize. You're scared of forgetting the formulas too!
  • Booked the Exam date, but Running out of Time to Prepare...
  • You're Worried About Memorizing Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs?
  • With the thick PMBOK Guide & Other Exam Prep books, you're not sure where to Start.
  • HELP! The exam's gonna change soon. Should I take it before it Changes or Wait? What Should I do???
  • You dread failing the PMP exam Yet Again!

Testimonial From Thousands of Successful Participants

Will save you a ton of time and headaches

Dear Vinai, Many thanks for your help and I truly appreciate all the useful study tips that you have provided throughout the online coaching workshops for PMP exam preparation.

I have successfully passed the PMP exam on my first attempt.

Your tips and advice have been very useful in helping me to grasp the key concepts and principles in tackling both concept-based and scenario based questions.

Thank you for the all guidance and moral support to all PMP aspirants!

– K Jiang, PMChamp Student from USA. Jiang passed the PMP Exam in first attempt!

Ready to Pass PMP Within 6-8 Weeks, With Zero Confusion & Maximum Confidence?

Believe me—it’s 100% possible for Busy Project Managers like you to:

  • Complete the Entire Study Material within 6 weeks. Even if you study only 1 hour per day!
  • Understand How to Answer Situational Questions Quickly!
  • Be able to answer ITTO Questions (Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs) Without Memorizing
  • Confinently Prepare for the PMP Exam & Take it Before the Exam Changes.
  • Understand How the 49 Processes Link With the 10 Knowledge Areas & 5 Process Groups.
  • Have a Solid Understanding of Project Management Processes & Apply them in Real Project too!
  • Pass The PMP Exam & Become a PMP Certified Project Manager To ADVANCE Your CAREER.
  • Spend more time with friends & family at evenings & weekends.

And that, my friend, is EXACTLY why I've created...


Online PMP
Training Workshop

A Structured, Step-By-Step Training Program, With a Daily Action Plan, for Busy Project Managers To Pass the PMP Exam Quickly, at First Attempt


I've designed a logical progression and workflow, so you can finally begin to understand the PMP methodology & terminology easily, in small steps.

In my 30+ years as a professional Project Manager and qualified teacher, I’ve led large teams, worked with business, IT, Finance, Team leads, Project & Program managers and CEOs. I know you and I know where you’re coming from.

I know the challenges of managing projects, people, personal life, and see how busy life gets…

AND… you can’t escape the facts:

The PMP Exam is a professional qualification that will pave the way to future success – more fame, more recognition, and even more money!

But… the PMP Exam is Tough.

You’ve got to have a solid game plan to study, prepare and pass the PMP Exam in your first attempt.

After all, who’s got time to fail, and prepare again and again.

Let’s get this done once and for all, and Get it Right the Very First Time. Period.

My Step by Step Online Coaching Program is a fast-track shortcut to being able to Get the PMP Certification — professionally and quickly.

The PMChamp Online PMP Training is a Proven Methodology To Get You Success in PMP Exam. It is designed to transform YOUR PMP confusion into confidence.

Wave goodbye to trying to piece it all together yourself

Here's what You Get When You Enroll in the PMChamp Online PMP Training

  • Self-study online video training course

A structured, step by step, daily action plan. Pre-recorded videos on the topic of the day, for you to watch first.

You can opt to download the videos too with our Download option, and watch them anytime, anywhere – on your Mobile, on your Tablet, or on your Laptop.

  • Private, Members Only PMP Forum

Get help, advice, support and share progress with me and your fellow students.

Post Questions & Clear doubts asap.

I would respond to your queries personally within 1 business day.

Download PDFs
  • Downloadable Slides

Download slides for each lesson. Take notes as I speak.

This allows for better retention and helps you to understand and internalize the PMP concepts.

Slide Download option is available for both Online Viewing & Download video packages.

PMP Questions Online
  • Over 600 PMP Questions For You to Practice

Do atleast 10 questions daily, at the end of each session. Do mini tests after each Knowledge Area.

35 Contact Hours For PMI
  • 35 Contact Hours Certificate for PMI, upon Completion of Training

PMCHAMP will issue you with a 35 Contact Hours certificate, which is sufficient for meeting your educational requirements at PMI.

And that's not all... You also get:

  • Other Resources to expand your knowledge on KEY Topics.
  • List of PMP Questions on topic learned each day, with detailed answers, to test your knowledge, learning and be ready for the next stage, each day.
  • A worksheet to Monitor Your Progress each day.
  • Link to Download the day's lesson videos and material at the beginning of each day.

Join Today To Fulfill Your Dream of Having the HIGHEST Professional Certification in Project Management - The Coveted PMP

Accelerate Your Career With PMP Certification.

But this is NOT one of those "You're on your own" courses!


PMCHAMP PMP Facebook Group



You’ll have a full year’s FREE access to thePMCHAMP PMP Examp Prep  private Facebook community. Share ideas and get help & support from me and your fellow students.

It’s a small, friendly group of awesome human beings who are all delighted to advise and help. And I’ll be popping in a few times a week to respond personally to your comments and questions.

Meet Your Training Coach


This online training is completely taught by me. All the 45+ hours of video, slides, exercises etc. are personally created by me for helping you pass the PMP exam in your first attempt.

I am a PMP certified Project Manager, having helped thousands of PMP aspirants like you to pass their PMP exam.

I have over 30 years of experience in managing large and small projects.

I am the founder of the PMCHAMP Blog, and have started several Education portals & companies to Train and educate people.


Vinai Prakash, Founder of PMCHAMP PMP TIps Blog

Ready to Get Started on the Fast Track to PMP Certification?


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Hi Vinai,

I am writing this with immense pleasure that I have cleared PMP exam 🙂 and following is the result detail:

Initiating:    Proficient
Planning:    Moderately Proficient
Executing:  Moderately Proficient
M & C:        Proficient
Closing:      Moderately Proficient

I want to say THANK YOU for all your guidance and mentoring, I may not be able to achieve this without your help. THANK YOU!

Faisal Mahmood

Hello Vinai,

I am excited to let you know that, I am a certified PMP now, Thank you for all your support in helping me make it happen.

Your materials and practice tests are extremely helpful, I will highly recommend you for anyone looking to get PMP certification. Thanks Again!

Venkata Durga Prasad Sunkara (DP)

Hi, I’m Vinai — your coach

This training with all video lessons, group conference call, and answers to your questions will be provided by me, Vinai Prakash. I am a PMP myself.

I started the PMCHAMP website to help PMP aspirants like you for the past 15 years. I have over 30 years of experience in managing large and small projects, and I love to train and coach people to achieve their dreams and be a certified project manager.

Do see the testimonials of some of our thousands of students who have taken our PMP training and passed the PMP exam.

Included in Your Enrollment

  • 'Video Lessons For Entire PMP Material' PMChamp Online Video Course (+ access For 4 Months)
  • Access to private Facebook support community (4 Months)
  • Download All Slides. Option to Download All Video Lessons Too.
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