Testimonials from PMP Exam Preparation Workshop Participants
Testimonials from PMP Exam Preparation Workshop Participants

Hello Vinai & the PMChamp Support Team,

I wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP exam on Monday!  Thank you so much for your great video preparation program.  I would have never passed without the program and all of the tips and tricks on preparing for the exam. 

I will definitely recommend the PMChamp Coaching program to colleagues. 

Thanks again! 

Mary Bracciale, PMP, The Chartis Group

Hi Vinai,

I wanted to thank you once again for all the guidance and support. I passed the PMP exam in my first attempt. Thanks for your coaching and expert advice.

Faisal Mahmood

Hi Vinai,

You will be happy to learn that I passed my PMP exam yesterday. Though, I had subscribed your course over a year ago, I really started studying only about 2 and a half months back. Your course videos were extremely helpful in reinforcing my concepts.

Thanks for the excellent course coverage and presentation.

Mukesh Verma. (Los Angeles, US)

Good afternoon Vinai Sir,

I passed the PMP certification exam.

Thanks so much for your invaluable and unforgettable training / coaching. I will never forget you sir.

I only majorly used your training program. I didn’t have time left to memorize ITTOs or read Rita / deep the PMBok.

Though I did not score as much as i was hoping to, I will go back and settle down now and read on process-flows and all the project documents in detail. Now you will always be a part of my success story Vinai, may God bless you and your team immeasurably.

I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ILO Henry, Nigeria

Hi Vinai,

I passed the PMP exam yesterday and was Proficient in all 5 domains. PMChamp slides and videos were my main study material and I must tell you that those helped me immensely to grasp the core concepts and PMI’s expectations on different situations. Your tips were really helpful, the one slide in ‘Perform Integrated Change Control’ video (about how to manage change) alone helped me answering 20+ questions.

Thanks for the great tips and materials and keep up the good work.

Cheers – Firos EK

Hello Team,
I have been able to complete my PMP exam with the training , support from the PMChamp team successfully. Thanks for all your help. It was a superb program, and I learnt a lot. – Rajib Das 

Hi Vinai,
Thank you for your service! It was really great and worth every penny. Great job!


Hello Vinai,
I passed my PMP Exam and wanted to convey that listening to your Videos several times and attending free online mock exams really helped a lot.

Here is my experience.
My study plan was first learn the basics right from your videos.
Then refer PMI handbook to relate the same as lot of resources are available online mixed up with old version and new version etc., Then do the logical thinking on each process that way was able to identify the ITTO. Got confused many times with work performance data, information and reports….got into more details on these for examples and started relating to real time projects. Studied and answered the questions at end of each chapter in Rita Mulcahy book as well. Regarding the Professional code of ethics, read once in PMI handbook, but there were atleast 6 questions on this topic in the exam.

In the exam, it seemed to me lot of questions were from Integration KA, Quality KA, Procurement KA and Closing Process group but knowing the concepts and basics right will always help from distractors in the question. Managing the time was one more big challenge.

I made sure I would go to the exam provided I get more than 85% in mock exams…once I reached that score then, I took up the exam.

So it was a wonderful experience doing the certification from both professional and personal front.

I am very thankful for the videos and the way it is explained for achieving this certification.

Bhavani, PMP


Hello Vinai,
I have passed PMP yesterday in my first attempt.
Your Videos,Questions and slides helped me a lot. I got many questions from Risk, QA and Cost area in my exam.

Sanjay, PMP


Hello Vinai Prakash,

I passed the PMP – on my first attempt!
A huge Thank You for helping me prepare. Your coaching videos and supplemental material were very beneficial!
Thanks for all your good work and taking time to be my coach.

L. Penland, PMP



I would like to inform you that I have passed my PMP exam on 3rd March 2014. I would like to thank you for releasing all the lessons to me last week. It was great help for me to preparing the PMP exam. I have learn a lot from your courses not only for the exam but also for my daily Project Work!

Y Feng



I am happy to let you know that I passed the PMP exam. Thank you your materials and support.



More Online PMP Exam Prep Workshop Participants... After passing the PMP exam with PMCHAMP coaching
More Online PMP Exam Prep Workshop Participants… After passing the PMP exam with PMCHAMP coaching


I cleared PMP examination at first attempt. Thank you for your support and online class, it was really helpful for me. Exam was not easy and I took 3.45hrs to complete all the questions. I studied the following materials: PMBOK, Rita Exam Prep, PMChamp, PM Fast track, PMP Headfirst 4th edition, Attended more than 2000+ questions



Dear Mr.Vinai & Team, 

 I am delighted & happy to inform you that I have cleared the PMP exam at the first attempt. I must admit, your program was extremely helpful in understanding the material.  Since August 2013 the date I enrolled for your program, I have been watching your videos and your program is good enough to understand the concept on the whole. Most importantly it is explained in simple manner.

I would also like to this opportunity to wish you good luck for years to come.

For other PMP aspirants, I would definitely recommend the PMchamp Program.

My style was apart from hearing PMChamp video I studied the same topic from Rita Book in parallel & did the Practice exam also topic wise.

Then again did a second round of the PMChamp video this time along with PMBOK book topic wise in parallel. Make sure you read the Glossary of the PMBOK guide it helped a lot.

Above all the determination, consistency & dedication is very important.

Also I did the free practice exam.

1. Oliver 75 questions test – 62 %

2.  TechFQA 200 questions – 88 %

3.  PMstudy free test 200 questions -77 %  – I recommend this as it was good.

With respect to mock questions there are lots of free resources available online but not many were aligned to PMBOK fifth edition which was adding confusion hence I did not do much. Though paid resources were aligned to 5th edition I did not try it.

All the best to all PMP aspirants & eagerly waiting for you guys to join us in the PMP world.


Rajaraman Balakumaran 


Hi Mr. Vinai,

I passed my PMP exam yesterday in my first attempt. Thank you very much for the videos. Your Videos Played a vital role for passing Exam. Your explanation is crystal clear. And I followed your suggestion of PM-exam simulator for mock test. Thank You very much. you have done a great job. I started referring your website to my friends.

Krishna Veni 



More than a month ago I started looking out for a good online PMP training. I called few online training institutes, eventually I found PMChamp website, content sounded very promising and honest; but I was little skeptical, what if it’s all bogus. I thought over it for few days then I decided to take a chance and signed up for 6 weeks work shop program. So far I listened to 6 days videos.

I am a kind of person, usually do not want to be convinced easily with trainers; but these videos are really amazing, awesome to me. I really like Vinai’s teachings. He is very knowledgeable, I could see his grip over the subject. He is very clear on what he is talking. I am sure I will clear the exam with his help of expertise and material.

Krishna Choutha 


Hi All,

I have cleared the PMP Exam and am now a Certified PMP. I am very happy and excited. Most of the question are very straight forward.

I have taken 3 weeks course and joined PMCHAMP a month or less than a month now. PMCham helped me a lot, I just followed the videos repeatedly listening again and again, daily tests and also i read PMBOK and headfirst PMP book.

Thanks a lot to VINAI and all his team at Pmchamp – Thank you very much!

Just watch and listen to Vinai’s videos and  you will pass.  It’s really hassle free and tension free.

All the videos are very clear, they will create good benchmark  to knowledge on each knowledge Area and each process.

Vinai replied to all my emails, and cleared my doubts and also he will give some suggestions while replying  like listen to Integrated change control video one more time, practice daily test one more time..etc. I just used to follow his advise  without next thought.


I just noted all those points in my notebook and just referred them before leaving to exam , I can say it helped in answering in many question very quickly and easily.

Thanks & Regards,

K Vevel Roy, Hyderabad, India


Hi Vinai

I want to inform you that I have passed the PMP exam today. I must say your video coaching played very very major role in my PMP certification. Thank you for all that.

I need to sincerely thank you for publishing such a wonderful  online course.I must say that I made great decision of joining your online class. Your video extremely helpful in clearing my fundamental and giving me confidence. I got more than what i could have thought of initially.

Thanks you

Bhargav Khunt


Hi Vinai,

I joined your course in the last week of June with the goal to take and pass the PMP exam in August.
I passed the exam today at San Jose , California.
I hear your voice in my sleep and your videos helped me to tackle the exam  from a logical standpoint instead of memorizing.

There were at least 20 questions from EVM.
Also there were lot of questions from Conflict Management and Risk mitigation/avoid etc.

Thanks for helping me get the certification.

God bless you,
Arnab Guha


Hi Vinai,

I have passed my PMP today. Your lessons really helped me a lot from A to Z. Especially the ITTO excel file you have on your website. I think I got 100-110 questions on ITTO’s and ironically I was reviewing the ITTO excel spreadsheet last minute. I must also admit the exam is NO PUSH OVER. Thanks lots.

Kind regards


Dear Sir,

I am humbled to say that i have passed the PMP exam today. I really enjoyed your videos. You were also kind enough to explain me the concepts thru your forums / emails when ever i struggled. Thank you for all that.

With that said, I need to sincerely thank you for publishing such a wonderful  online course.
I feel it was more than worthy spending the money and time with pmchamp. I got more than what i could have thought of initially.

Thank you for everything.
Karthikeyan Palanisamy


I wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP test last week.  I do want to thank you for your help in getting me prepared for the test.  I enjoyed the sessions very much and it was a tremendous help.

Thanks again.
Laura Yates


Hi Vinai,

I passed the PMP exam yesterday. PMCHAMP’s PMP Preparation Course helped me a lot !! A big thanks to the entire team behind the course.

I have also written a few tips for the aspirants in the forum.

Should you develop further courses related to Project Management, please keep me posted. Will definitely consider your program again !!

Regards and Best Wishes,
Muthu Subramanian


Thank you Vinai for putting together such a comprehensive learning experience!  I was diligent in watching the videos every morning before work, then took the mini tests each day after work along with reading PM for Dummies (which teaches by process groups). Having the ability to take notes while watching the videos was exactly what I needed to learn so much information so quickly as reading dry material just doesn’t work for me.  It was extremely helpful to have the slides available for review the weekend before the exam!  I passed on the first attempt!!!  Thanks again, I highly recommend the PM Champ program.

Thanks again!
Laura Reutter, PMP


Dear Vinai,

I have passed my PMP on 20 June 2012 with Proficient in all domains except “MP” in Closing.

Thanks for your training and support.

Pranab Chakraborty


Hi Vinai,

Just to let you know. I did pass the exam today on the second run. I wouldn’t have without PMChamp and your methodology. Ways better than any classroom training. You accompanied me day and night with the MP3s. Great idea to offer them as an option. I never felt wasting time when I was driving the car, went on business trips or on vacation and had my exercises always with me.

Although I feel drained and I wasn’t sure up to the last moment I think it was worth the effort and I wanted to personally thank you for being such a great trainer.

Thanks very much again and to repeat what you tell us: All the Best !

Bernd Liebe
online student from Germany


Dear Vinai,

I would like to thank you for teaching and supporting me in a way so that I can achieve that big milestone in my career and I believe that without you it looks impossible to get the valuable PMP certificate.

The Exam was tough and as everyone told us it is based on almost 75% situational questions.
There are about 10 questions from EVM and about 10 questions from Network diagram which were quite easy.
There are also about 7-10 questions on project selection criteria which are also relatively easy.
I found the difficult part in some situational question and some of procurement question where i have a doubt in two choices.

Again Thanks,
Hammud Ur Rehman
BSS Engg, DPS Kuwait.


Hi Vinai,

I passed just yesterday… Yahoo.  I started reading your tips last week when I was in intense study mode.  Thank you, PMChamp I found your tips and advice very helpful!

Sharon Boyle



Just Completed my EXAM a couple of hours ago and passed well…
I have seen every video of yours, listened to you daily for the past 2 weeks on every commute. They well worth it…
I did not memorize anything. But go to think about it often though hence why…

Thank you so much for your help…

Yared Zemere, PMP


Hello Vinai,

I would like to say that your website and PMP videos were instrumental in my achieving my PMP certification on February 9, 2012.
Thanks for being a crucial contributor to the PMI knowledge base for thousands of your PMP students.
When I posted my Lessons Learned with my Google PMP study group, I made it a point to mention your website PMChamp and videos as being instrumental in my achieving my certification. Kudos for a wonderful job done for the PMP certification and Project and Program Management profession.

Richard Biritwum, PMP
California, USA


Hello Vinai,

I passed PMP on 28th Jan 2012.
Your PMP exam preparation course helped me to understand each process and get the concepts right. The exam questions were quite tough.
They were more analytical and situational. The exam questions were equally distributed among the 9 KA’s. Your PMP course (audio tutorials) helped me in understanding the project management course in a very easy way without which it would have been very difficult to pass the exam. Thank you again, Vinai Sir, for helping me achieve my dream.

Indrajeet Shedge, PMP    


Hi Vinai,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! as today March 9th, 2012 I passed the CAPM exam.  MY success was due primarily to the impactful presentation and  detailed explanation of the processes in your PMChamp Exam course.  I listen to you every night and read Rita’s book on CAPM.  After listening to you and reading Rita’s book I felt that I was adequately prepared to sit the exam.  Thank you once again

Debra Thompson           


I reviewed the entire chapter in the PMBok and did not see any graphics/figures that laid out the ES, EF, LS, LF, lag/lead time like your slides.  The closest figure to mildly describe the node relationships is on page 139 which confused me because it refers to SS, SF, etc, which has little to do with lag/lead or critical path analysis & has the SS FF near the arrows?

After watching the 14/15 videos twice, 100% on review questions with your very in depth breakout of the info, it’s clear that every penny spent on this class is amazing investment, thanks!!
I would like to do lots more of the critical path lag/lead time exercises (fun, like algebra!)
Thanks again!
Laura Reutter



Yesterday I passed the PMP and I am in celebration mode! I must say, your program was the key to my success.  From the beginning, I concluded your program would be more helpful to me than the other tools I used on my first try.  Your daily classes are very concise and complete.  I referred to them for clarification on difficult topics such as Procurements and Cost.  Thanks again for your help.

I highly recommend taking Vinai’s practice tests first, then others.  Reviewing all the test answer explanations are extremely important.

All the best
David S., PMP


Hello Vinai

I passed the PMP and I must admit, your program was extremely helpful in understanding the material.  Since October I have been watching your videos and your program is good enough to understand the concept on the whole. I referred to the videos related to cost, time, procurement and Risk and closing process once again. Also before the exam I did all the PMCHAMP mock questions. I read Rita’s book and used PMBOK for reference only.

Thanks again, Vinai for your easy to understand program.

Poonam Jagga, PMP



Just to tell you that today I passed the PMP exam. I think your course help me a lot in order to understand the material of each process focusing in the core and the integration with everything and reaching the certification. I watched your videos at least 2 times (4 in some cases like risk management and procurement) following all your course (questions and tips), I also use the Rita Mulcahy resources (book and PM fast track software). I did a lot of practice questions (more than 500) because I don’t read very fast in English (I´m from México-Spanish native) and I needed to be in a familiar environment like the exam.

In the exam, to understand each TT is very important, to understand what to DO FIRST is very important and to know where you are in the project process processes is critical. The exam is easy if you work a lot in the situation but it is tiring.  Few question about the input and output. Few calculations about earned value but you need to handle all the measurements very well. Time management problems are easy also.

Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards.
Rodrigo Mendoza, PMP


Hi Vinai,

It is a great pleasure to write to as well as share with you the good news that I have passed my PMP exam on 10/01/2011. The sample videos and other materials from your website were very instrumental to my successful completion of the PMP exam.
Your way of teaching as well as your approach to preparing students to the test is far better than what many institutions here offer.

I will not hesitate to recommend anyone I know, who is poised to take the PMP exam, to PMChamp knowing that they will tremendously benefit from your instructions.

Many thanks to you,
A/Kadir Hersi, PhD, P. Eng., MBA, PMP



Pass the PMP today!

My company had spent a lot of money on other online /classroom training , resulting in me failing the PMP the first time. Your video series answered how the processes worked and in what sequence. That gave me the edge I needed.

All the best,
Lee Loving, PMP



I am really enjoying your teaching and I like the way you explain things. I had a 100 on the quiz. Second time since we started. I understand much better now about requirements than I had previously.Thank you.

Tam Rodrigues, PMChamp.com Student from USA. Tam passed the PMP Exam with the new Format on Oct. 24, 2011.


Dear Vinai,
Many thanks for your help and I truly appreciate all the useful study tips that you have provided throughout the online coaching workshops for PMP exam preparation.

I have successfully passed the PMP exam on 15 Nov 2011. This is my 1st my attempt, and I am very glad that I manage to pass with satisfactory results.

Due to my busy work schedules, I primarily followed your online coaching sessions in the last 5 weeks, completed after workshop questions, exam sample questions, read up on the recommended Rita Mulcahy PMP preparation book once, and further attempted the questions.

Your tips and advices have been very useful in helping me to grasp the key concepts and principles in tackling both concept-based and scenario based questions.

Thank you for the all guidances and moral support to all PMP aspirants!

Best regards,
Keming Jiang, PMP


Hi Vinai,

I took the PMP exam today and passed at the first attempt.. Got a score of Moderately Proficient for Initiating & Closing domains. Proficient for the Planning, Executing and M&C domains.

Your site was helpful during my studies. Thank you!!



Hi Vinai,
Congratulations on starting a PMP workshop program. I wish you all the best. I am happy to let you know that I have passed the PMP exam last month.

The tips on your website are awesome and have helped me in preparing for the exam. Your videos are very informative and easy to follow. Your posts and videos made me want to read/watch more.

Once again thank you for your excellent material and keep up the good work.
Best wishes
Sudheer Reddy, PMP, India


I really find your tutorials so clear, concise, and extremely logical.

The best PMP resource I have found…by far!
Marco P., Canada, PMChamp Online Coaching Student


I am managing a project that involved getting permission from a leasor of land. As we were ready to “dig” the leasor realized he needed to run the agreement through his “partners.”  No one had ever mentioned these partners. Thus, the project has been suspended until the agreement has been authorized by those partners.

Your videos have taught me to ask “who else is involved in the decision making process.”

Lee Loving, PMChamp Online Coaching Student


Enjoying the process thoroughly. Your understanding approach and overall skills to identify the real pain areas is beyond compare and way ahead of any other PMP coaches…..

Feel glad I chose PMChamp.

Keep writing, keep enlightening us Vinai.

Abhijit Angne, PMChamp Online Coaching Student,


Hi Vinai,

I recently completed my PMP Exam and passed.
Thank You for your exam tips and answering strategies.

Sathya Akunuru


Dear Vinai,

I am happy to inform you that I have obtained my PMP certification.  Your online training helped me to a great extent. Thanks and keep up the good work!!

Parimala Rajavel

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