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Congratulations! So you’ve decided to give your career a boost by getting the PMP® credential? This would turn out to be one of the wisest and smartest decisions you have taken for your life. PMP Certification establishes your credibility, and gives you a holistic framework, tools & techniques to manage projects regularly.

I have created PMChamp to provide you with everything required to prepare for the Project Management Institute’s PMP exam. We have got a Newbie Corner for people who don’t know much about the PMP or the CAPM exam.

Who is PMChamp?

Vinai Prakash is PM Champ. Yup, that’s me. I love coaching and training PMP® aspirants to pass the PMP Exam in their first attempt, without stess, and without hassles.

To date I have coached hundreds of students in face-to-face PMP® Training Preparation classes and online  PMP workshops. After getting my PMP® Credential, I often wondered how I could share my new found knowledge of passing the exam easily on my first attempt, and impart it to people struggling to get the PMP® certification, but don’t have a clue.

That led me to start coaching my team members, colleagues and friends. As they achieved their PMP® certification with my methods and guidance,  more and more people started coming to me and that led to starting a small, formal class for PMP® Exam preparation.

After many years, the training methodology, the training material, the tips, tricks, resources have all become much better, after constant fine tuning based on feedback, suggestions and experience.

Today, you can benefit from all this knowledge, and get your PMP certification as quickly as possible. Just follow the reading material, study tips, test your knowledge, and subscribe to the PMP Daily Questions & Articles on Project Management.

The whole site is geared towards helping you pass your PMP exam in your first attempt. We have got a PMP Forum where you can post your questions while preparing for the PMP exam, and network with the like minded PMP aspirants.

You can now join me as I walk you through the entire PMP Exam Preparation process – through videos – 1 hour a day, and prepare for the PMP Exam. Check out our Online PMP Training Program.

PMI Perspective

As you begin studying in earnest, you will realise that just mugging the Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs of all the 10 Knowledge Areas, the 5 Process Groups and the entire 47 Project Management Processes is not sufficient. What you need is practical project management experience, and most of all, the PMI’s perspective to understand what is being asked in the PMP exam, and attempt it from that angle, for a much higher chances of success.

Mock PMP Exam Questions

Best of all, the real learning comes from attempting as many PMP Mock Exam Questions as possible. We encourage you to create a Study Plan which requires you to study, as well as spend some time in attempting mock PMP exam questions. You will be able to identify the gaps in your knowledge, and then you can strengthen these areas.

You can join our Online Training Workshop – Spend one hour with us – listening to me, and Watch videos of me explaining the PMP exam preparation tips, tricks, questions, changes, processes and all that is required to attain the PMP credential.

In no time you will be ready for the PMP exam. My best wishes are with you. All The Best for Your PMP® Exam Preparations. Create a Study Plan, and follow it religiously. Lastly, I am here to assist you in achieving your PMP Credential. So if you have any questions, send them directly to me at pmchamp@pmchamp.com

Vinai Prakash, PMP, ITIL, MBA, GAP
Founder of PMChamp.com

Vinai also provides practical & hands on trainings in classroom setting in Singapore.

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