Do not worry if you are new to [intlink id=”90″ type=”post” /]PMI’s PMP® Exam. This site has enough [intlink id=”77″ type=”page”]resources [/intlink]to help you understand the exam, and prepare for it accordingly. We want to help you Pass the PMP® Exam in your first attempt.

If you have read the PMP Handbook available from the PMI website, and have ascertained about your eligibility for the PMP Exam, then proceed to read further. Otherwise, go and read the PMP Handbook first.

The PMP Handbook is a Free Download from PMI Website. You do not need to login or register or become a member first.

PMP Frequently Asked Questions

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PMP® Eligibility Criteria

PMChamp Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the PMChamp Exam Preparation Coaching Workshop?

The PMChamp PMP Exam Prep Coaching Workshop is a structured and comprehensive online training program to assist you in preparing for the PMP Exam. It is full of tips, tricks, mock exam questions and practical advice to prepare and pass the PMP Exam.

The Coaching program is delivered through videos. Each day, a new video is released to you. This continues for 6 weeks.

The program is completed updated for the PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition, and is applicable for PMP exam from August 2013 onwards.

2) How does PMP® Exam Prep Coaching Workshop Work?

Watch the short video in www.pmchamp.com to understand how PMChamp PMP® Exam Prep Coaching Workshop works. We have prepared a short document explaining the whole process, course contents to you. You can download it from www.pmchamp.com

3) Cost and Duration of the course?

  • Cost:

There are 2 options – watch the videos online, or download them. Online viewing option requires you to have a sufficiently robust and good Internet connection.

If you wish to watch the videos on the go, or offline, then it is recommeded that you purchase the download option.

Online viewing option is currently available at US$179 for 3 months.

Online viewing option + Download option is currently available for US$249 for 3 months. Once you have downloaded the videos, you can watch them any number of times, even beyond the 3 month period.

You can make payments by PayPal – using your Visa, Master Card and American Express Credit Card easily.

  • Duration:

It usually takes about 6 weeks to complete the program, if you take part in the daily lessons and exercises, and spend at least 1-2 hour each day, without any exceptions.

If you are in a hurry, or can devote more time per day, you can opt for the Accelerated option, where 2 videos are released to you each day. Thus, you can complete the entire program within 3 weeks.

4) What are the benefits of Joining the PMChamp PMP Coaching Program?

  • The program is delivered completely online. This means that you can begin your preparation anywhere – as long as you have an internet connection. You can even watch the videos on your desktop, laptop, iPad, Android tablets or even mobile phones.
  • If you have any questions during your studies, you can post them on the PMChamp Member’s only Forum, which is only available to PMCHAMP students. On the forum, we will reply to your messages and answer your concerns.
  • There is no fixed time to watch the videos. You can watch them anytime, and any number of times during the next 90 days, starting the time you make the payment.
  • At the end of each lesson, we give you a short test, so that you can see the progress you are making, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Three Month Access to the Videos, Forum, Tips and Question PDFs is provided, which is more than double the time required for the studies.
  • Successful and proven methodology. Thousands of students have taken the PMCHAMP PMP online training program, and have passed the PMP exam in their first attempt. See our testimonials page.

5) What Topics are covered in PMChamp’s PMP Coaching Workshop?

6) What is 35 PDUs Certificate?

Once you complete watching the videos, there is a mock test to check your readiness. You have to send the result of the mock test to us “admin@pmchamp.net”. Once you send your result, we will prepare and send you a certificate for 35 PDUs. This certificate can be used for PMI application form, and is approved for use as a proof of Formal Project Management Training.

We are a Registered Education Provider of PMI. PMCHAMP is wholly owned by Intellisoft Systems, a PMI R.E.P. Our REP ID is 3308.

7) “Once you send your result, we will prepare and send you a certificate for 35 PDUs.”  Means we should obtain certain marks to get the PDU 35 hours certification ?

NO. We will give you the certificate irrespective of the marks you get. But you need to watch each video in full. We can track it using the server.

8) How to do Payments without Paypal?

Nigeria is not on the list of Paypal payments. Please arrange to make a bank transfer called a Telegraphic Transfer (TT) to our bank in Singapore. To know more about our bank details please contact us at “admin@pmchamp.net”.

For Indians residing in India, if you would like to do, internet bank net transfer. Please email to “admin@pmchamp.net” so that we can send you the bank details for doing the transfer in Indian Rupees.

9) Problem in running the Videos?

This problem happens when the browser has cached the video and is not able to release the cache. Can you please try again after you clear the cache of the browser? You can also try this in another browser – maybe try on Firefox or Chrome or Safari. That should take care of the issue.

10) Why only 90 days to get access for the information access ?

The videos are hosted in the Cloud, and our plan allows for a certain number of connections, and videos files are huge. Thus we limit online usage to 90 days, even though videos can be completed in just 6 weeks if you do the lessons daily.

11) My Account Expired and how to extend the Subscription?

You can extend your access for another 90 days by making a payment of $50 at http://www.pmchamp.net/pmpguide/extension.html

12) How to login into PMChamp V5?

Please try with IE or Firefox or Chrome.

Go to http://www.pmchamp.net/v5/login.php

Use the username and password which you received in the mail to login and watch the videos.

13) My Account has been locked and not able to access the videos.

Please remember: Account sharing is against our policies, and any such sharing is strictly prohibited and may result in your account getting permanently shut down.

So, please do not share your account login information.

Our system allows for only few unique IP addresses per day for login. Then it automatically locks it after this. If you face more issues, try to limit access to a fewer devices on the same day.

14) How to get started with the online PMP (V5) Exam Preparation Coaching Workshop?

Go to http://www.pmchamp.net/v5/subscribe.php and click on the PayPal link to make the payment. We will send you an email with your ID and password within one business day, and you can begin watching your first video soon.

15) What is the right percentage of passed candidates after receiving your training classes off course in first attempt?

Our students pass percentage is 98%+ in the first attempt.

 16) How many attempts can I make for PMP Exam in a year?

You can give 3 attempts at the PMP exam in one year. If those 3 times attempts fail then reapplying cant be done for 1 year.

17) Do you allow to download an e-version of the PMBOK Guide Fifth edition?

We dnt provide the PMBOK Guide Fifth edition. Instead we provide the Downloadable PDF, PPT, Exam Tips, and Exam Question Documents with answers that are based on PMBOK Guide Fifth edition for all members of PMChamp. Downloadable videos costs an additional USD70. Otherwise its 179USD to get started.

You can purchase the books online from the following links:

Click here to buy PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition

Click here to buy PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulchahy

18) Should I have to buy or refer other PMP books/CDs if I join for the PMP training course with you?

If you have go through our training, it’s not necessary for other PMP books. But still we recommend you read the PMBOK guide or Rita’s book alongside.

Do as many mock tests as possible, and you should be good to go if you stay committed and spend 1-2 hours per day for 6-8 weeks.

19) Does PMP Exam require the candidate to be highly skilled in mathematics?

Do not worry at all. The questions are very simple. You only need to the  +,-,* etc. You only need to know the right formula to apply.

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