PMP Coaching Intensive Training Program Opens

We have been offering Online PMP Coaching through videos for the past 8 years, and it has helped thousands of people to get PMP Certification. This training is more of a self-service – watch the videos anytime, anywhere, at your own convenience.

While this gives you freedom to watch the videos whenever you want, it lacks the discipline as there is no accountability. You may choose to do it, and sometimes stuff gets in the way… too much work pressure, family time, travel, and suddenly your committed PMP study plan has completely gone haywire…

It is difficult to recover, and if you do come back to it, you have most likely forgotten some key concepts, key definitions, formulas and it gets even more difficult to continue.

Frustrated, you tend to give up. And there goes your dream of getting PMP certified. A perfectly well intentioned plan has gone to dust… Not any more!

PMP Coaching Intensive Program

We are pleased to launch the Online PMP Coaching Intensive Program, starting this November 6, 2017.

It will feature 4 live calls, once every two weeks, where we will brief you on what’s coming, set a daily and a weekly goal to study for the PMP exam, and be accountable for your progress and to your success. You can ask any questions, and clear any doubts at the earliest.

Live session allow you to interact with me, and with your fellow learners, who are all aspiring for the PMP Certification.

You also get to network in a private, members only Group setup only for this intensive training. So you can ask questions and interact in the private group without any hesitation, and ask any questions you may feel stupid to ask anywhere else.

Complete, Step by Step Approach – A detailed plan for which video to watch, what book or article to read, what resources to use, and what PMP questions to practice on is provided for each day, for the entire 8 weeks.

With such hand holding, step by step approach, you tend to do each lesson on time, learn new concepts with full determination to succeed, and ask questions on the spot.

In no time, you will be ready for the PMP exam, take it, and be a PMP Certified Project Manager. This is achievable if you commit to it 100%.

There is no better time to do this. The PMP exam is changing early 2018. It will require you to study afresh, note the differences, and be confused in the interim period when the exam stabilizes.

It could easily be half a year before the exam based on the PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition is in a good shape.

Further, Holidays are coming… just round the corner. It is best to commit now, take the intensive program, and be done with the certification at the earliest, before the holidays & the fun begin. Work Hard & Play Hard!

What Will You Get In This Intensive PMP Training?

  • A structured, step by step, daily action plan.
  • Pre-recorded videos on the topic of the day, for you to watch first.
  • Other resources provided to expand your knowledge on the topic.
  • List of PMP Questions on topic learned each day, with detailed answers, to test your knowledge, learning and be ready for the next stage, each day.
  • Private Members only Facebook Group to interact, ask questions, and network.
  • Bi-Weekly, Live, Group Conference call with me for the next 8 weeks, where I expand on some important concepts, and take any questions from you so that you are crystal clear on the objective.
  • 400 Questions in Two complete PMP Exam Mock Tests – With 200 questions each, timed for 4 hours for you to test your readiness for the final exam, once you are done.
  • In total, we cover over 1000 PMP questions in the entire PMP Exam Preparation Intensive Training in these 8 weeks.
  • A worksheet to monitor your progress each day, and each week, and post on the group.
  • Link to Download the day’s lesson videos and material at the beginning of each day.

Who Will Teach & Answer My Questions?

This training, video lessons, weekly group conference call, and answers to your questions will be provided by me, Vinai Prakash.

I am the founder of and have been helping PMP aspirants like you for the past 15 years. I have over 30 years of experience in managing large and small projects, and I love train and coach people to achieve their dreams and be a certified project manager.

Do see the testimonials of some of our thousands of students who have taken our PMP training and passed the PMP exam.

How Long Is The Training?

The training is for 8 weeks, if you follow the plan each day, and each week. There will be 5 lessons each week – 1 for each day. No new lessons for the weekends.

You can watch and review, revise the material covered to get a better understanding.

And the weekend can be the time to catch up on the daily plan, in case you missed a day or when things at work or home got just too busy. This way, you can catch up and maintain your sanity, as well as stay up to speed with the training program.

What Do You Need To Do?

You need to commit at least 1 hour a day to follow our step by step plan, and study each day.

If you can spare about 90 minutes each day, it will be fantastic… allowing you to have enough time do review the lesson, do the questions and see where you went wrong, to correct the course.

It will allow you enough time to interact with the fellow learners on the Facebook group, and ask any questions, or answer the ones others are asking. This way, with group coaching support, you tend to learn faster, and get your doubts cleared asap.

What is the Cost of This Intensive PMP Training?

The total cost of this intensive training is USD499. It includes all the videos, PDFs, articles, available online as well as for download to your device, and used as long as you need.

Online access to the videos and entire material is available until the next 6 months.

The Private Facebook Group will remain active for you to interact with me and other learners.

I will provide you complete support and answer all your questions during the next 6 months.

How To Register For This Intensive PMP Training?

This Online PMP training intensive program will commence on November 6, 2017.

Therefore, registration will close on November 5, 2017, midnight GMT. If you wish to register now, click here and make the payment.

Do note that I can only take a limited number of learners in this Intensive coaching. Therefore, register quickly.

Once we reach the limit, we will close registration. This training is limited so that I can pay enough attention to you and your questions, and focus on building the right the training material and promote interaction in the group so that it helps you to reach your maximum potential – and achieve the PMP certification before the PMP exam changes.

Contact Me If You Have Any Questions?

Do You Have Questions Regarding PMP?

Simple. Just write them down here. We'll be glad to help!


If you have any questions regarding the PMP Intensive Training, click here and tell me the questions or concerns you are having. I’ll be happy to assist you.

Hope to see you join the Intensive soon, and begin working with you from November 6, 2017 to get your PMP certified asap!


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