Scope Baseline Questions for PMP Exam

By Vinai Prakash The PMP Exam questions on Baselines are easy to attempt. Once you know the components of the scope baseline, you can get 2-3 questions correct easily. Remember, Scope Management is an easy area in the exam. So score it with relatively ease. I have written previously on the [intlink id=”121″ type=”post”]Components of … Read more

Difference between Contract Closure & Administrative Closure for PMP Exam

Updated for the Changes to the PMP Exam from 31-August-2011. There are now 8% questions from Closing Process Group. While conducting PMP Exam Preparation workshops, I have noticed that many participants are confused about the Contract Closure (Close Procurements) and Administrative Closure (Close Project or Phase) processes. Which comes first? What are the differences in … Read more

Difference between Standards & Regulations for PMP Exam

ISO Standards Clarity on the definition of a “standard” and a “regulation” can help you get questions right on the PMP exam conducted by PMI. According to the PMBOK Guide 6th edition, the definition of a Standard and a Regulation is given below: A Standard is a “document established by consensus and approved by a … Read more

Components of Scope Baseline for PMP

One common question on PMP Exams is about the Scope Baseline, as defined in the PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition. For example, a question on Scope Baseline could be as follows: Q: The scope baseline consists of all of the documents except: A. Work Breakdown Structure B. WBS Dictionary C. Scope Management Plan D. Scope Statement … Read more

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