All About Project Charter For PMP Exam

All About the Project Charter for PMP Exam

Looking to Understand the Project Charter? Chances are high that you are studying for the PMP exam right now… You see, most people have never heard of a Project Charter. They only come across this term when they begin to study for the PMP exam. And since they have never heard nor seen this project … Read more

Difference between Fixed Cost and Direct Cost

Difference Between Fixed Cost & DIrect Cost For PMP Exam

Several PMP exam questions focus on the difference between Fixed Cost, Direct Cost, Indirect Cost & Variable Cost. These questions come from Cost Management knowledge area, but are also covered in Scope Management and Procurement Management. Unfortunately the PMBOK Guide does not provide any detailed information on these cost types and their definitions. Thus, most … Read more

How To Define Scope of Your Project?

Define Scope is one of the 47 process defined in the PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition, by PMI. It belongs to the Scope Management knowledge area, and the Planning process group. Define Scope is focused on  getting a clear understanding of the project scope, and clarifying on what exactly will be delivered at the end of … Read more

What is Project Management?

Project management has evolved over the years and you see project managers in every company, all over the place. Yet, project management is one of the least understood term and most Project Managers have no clue what exactly they are supposed to do in this job. No wonder projects hardly deliver on time, and are … Read more

How To Get PMP Certification in Just 30 Days

Most people don’t have a lot of time to study and many want to get the PMP certificate in a jiffy. The PMP exam is not considered the easiest exam. But with the right strategy, a good PMP study plan, dedicated study each day, followed by practice questions can make you ready for the exam … Read more

3 Point Estimate: Triangular Distribution vs Beta Distribution (PERT)

PMP aspirants often come across the 3 Point Estimate when studying for the PMP exam for the first time. There are 2 different formulas for the 3 Point Estimate, and it is generally not clear to most project managers as to which one to use, and when, or why. I have written about the 3 … Read more

The PMP Exam is Changing in January 2016

PMP Exam Changes in January 2016

  Although the PMP exam is still based on the PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition, there have been changes to the PMP Exam starting from January 12, 2016.  The last day to take the exam based on the current format is 11-Jan-2016. What exactly has changed in the PMP Exam? PMI has recently conducted a Role … Read more

Beat The Meeting Mania

InEffective Meetings

Many people love to call meetings. For any and every problem, they will call a meeting. Call as many people as possible, and then meetings become uncontrollable, hardly ever discussing the topic which was supposed to be discussed. I have seen some people even boast that they went to 6 meetings “back to back”. I … Read more