Closing Process Group for Project Management

There are 5 Process Groups for Project Management, as defined in the PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition. The Closing Process Group,  in the PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition, is a relatively easy area for the PMP exam.

Beware, Closing process group accounts for as much as 18 questions ( 9%) in the PMP Exam. However, if you study well, this easy area can help you score well quickly.

The Closing Process requires you to do those processes that help to close the project, and get sign-off, and handing over.

There are only 2 Processes in this Process Group – Close Procurement, and Close Project or Phase.

Some of the key activities done in Closing Process Group are:

  • Develop Closing Procedures to help you get a closure easily.
  • Complete Contract closures – this area may need to be done multiple times for each contract. No project can be closed without the contracts being closed first. Also read Contract Closure / Administrative Closure.
  • Confirm Work is done to requirements – Verify product scope requirements – without which you can’t get the project signed-off by the customers.
  • Gain Formal Acceptance from the key stakeholders.
  • Final Performance reporting to be submitted.  Do not miss this step. Most people never do the documentation, and just move on to other projects. This careless attitude can get you penalized in the PMP exam.
  • Index and Archive records so that any thing can be found easily, and quickly.
  • Document Lessons Learned on this project, so you and other project managers can benefit from them, and do not have to start from scratch.
  • Hand off completed product to the customer or stakeholder.
  • Release resources back to Functional Managers. On the PMP exam, always assume that you are working in a Strong Matrix organization, unless the PMP exam question states other type of organization structure explicitly.

The Close Project or Phase process must be completed formally before the project can be considered closed.

Recommended Reading: Also check out if Contract Closure is done first, or Administrative Closure is done first?

If you are interested, read about the other 4 Process Groups, as defined in the PMBOK Guide.

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Vinai Prakash

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