7 Success Secrets of Successful Project Managers

By Vinai Prakash Congratulations! Based on your sterling performance in the past year, you have now been promoted as a Project Manager. You seem elated! Finally, all the hard work over the years has paid off… You are over the moon. Before the reality sinks in… You have had no project management training. You are … Read more

How to Create Realistic Schedules That Deliver on Time

By Vinai Prakash Roughly 78% projects are behind schedule, over budget, and deliver less functionality than was agreed in the scope. This means that there is less than 1 in 4 chance that your project will be on time, on budget, and deliver on the agreed scope! Ever wondered why? The issue could be that … Read more

Benefits of PMP Certification

Benefits of PMP Certification

By Vinai Prakash Benefits of a PMP Certification: PMP is one of the best professional credential in the field of Project Management. PMP certification has grown in prominence over the last decade and has become a sought-after credential, according to the Project Management Institute or PMI. The Project Management Guidelines, Methodologies, tools and techniques, and … Read more

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