How to Pick the Right Answer When all 4 Choices are Correct [Video]

By Vinai Prakash

In the PMP exam, it is common that all the 4 given choices for a question may be correct. In such a case, how do you identify the best answer?

Such questions can be a nightmare and you will often be stuck – not knowing what to do. A random guessing of such answers only gives you a 1 in 4 or 25% chance of getting it correct. However, if you follow the technique I have provided, and practice it on exam prep questions, you will begin to get them right.

Please check out the above video, where I detail this technique to Pick the Most Appropriate answer in the PMP exam.

Once you master this technique, you can easily get 15-20 trick questions on the PMP exam correct. The key lies in the wording of the choices. And the Preferred behaviour of a Project Manager.

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Vinai, PMP

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3 thoughts on “How to Pick the Right Answer When all 4 Choices are Correct [Video]”

  1. Thanks Vinai

    I very well remember that this topic was the toughest part in all the PMP journey. After certain point in the exam it was very confusing on choosing the right answer. All 4 options seems to be identical and it is highly confusing. If you miss to read any one of the choices properly, the probability of a wrong answer goes up by 50% and not 25%.

    Thanks for covering this topic.

    Rohit Prabhakar, PMP


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