4 Tips for PMP Exam [Video]

By Vinai Prakash

I have started to create a series of short tips and tricks that will help you to prepare for the PMP Exam. This time these tips are in a video form. In this video, I talk about the PMP Exam format, the types of Questions, about the choices given in the questions…

  • The First tip is about having a Study Plan for the PMP Exam.
  • Secondly, I talk about how to get a good grounding on any process or knowledge area.
  • Thirdly, a tip on how to read the PMP Exam question – so as to get the essense of it quickly.
  • Forth tip is about looking for Keyword Qualifiers, and be on the alert – because these often change the meaning of the PMP Exam question.

So go ahead and watch it… Hope you like these tips, and start to use these when practicising for the PMP Exam.

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Vinai Prakash, PMP
Founder: PMChamp.com

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