The PMP Exam is Changing in January 2016

PMP Exam Changes in January 2016

  Although the PMP exam is still based on the PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition, there have been changes to the PMP Exam starting from January 12, 2016.  The last day to take the exam based on the current format is 11-Jan-2016. What exactly has changed in the PMP Exam? PMI has recently conducted a Role … Read more

Why Do You Want To Achieve PMP Certification?

Over the past 2 days, I attended a Anthony Robbins Total Success seminar in Singapore. It was fantastic… mind blowing, awesome! I realized so many things about what I have done in the past, where I have arrived, and what are the things I haven’t done, why I haven’t done them, and what could be … Read more

What is Your Biggest Concern Regarding the PMP Exam?

Most people have passed the primary school, secondary school, attained a college degree with flying colours, joined an organization, and achieved many accolades at work, but they shudder at the mention of attempting and passing the PMP examination… I speak at many seminars, workshops and PMP Training Bootcamps all over the world, and the situation … Read more

PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition – Changes to PMP exam from 31-July-13

The Project Management Institute ( has published the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide, Sixth Edition in early 2013. The PMP exam is based on this new PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition from 31-July-2013. If you are giving the exam before this date, the older PMBOK Guide Fourth edition applies. People preparing for the exam … Read more

Repetition is the Mother of All Learning

First of all, Congratulations to Vevel Roy from Hyderabad, India, who just passed the PMP exam yesterday. He had used the PMCHAMP coaching program for his exam preparations, and it proved beneficial to him in passing the PMP exam. We are really proud of his achievement. He managed to go through the PMCHAMP videos in … Read more

PMP Exam Coaching Program: Updated for the 2017 Exam

By Vinai Prakash Friends, readers of PMChamp, I am glad to announce that the Next Online Workshop Begins this Monday.  PMChamp PMP Exam Prep Coaching Workshop is now available for your consideration. Please read this short page to understand the benefits of this program and how you can sign-up. Click here if you want to … Read more

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