The PMP Exam is Changing in January 2016


PMP Exam Changes in January 2016
PMP Exam Changes in January 2016

Although the PMP exam is still based on the PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition, there have been changes to the PMP Exam starting from January 12, 2016.  The last day to take the exam based on the current format is 11-Jan-2016.

What exactly has changed in the PMP Exam?

PMI has recently conducted a Role Delineation Study (RDS) to align the PMP exam to be more in line with the current business practices, is valid and relevant to the industry as a whole.

Here’s an overview of the newly added content:

Domain 1: Initiating the Project
* 3 tasks added – task 2, task 7, task 8

Domain 2: Planning the Project
* 1 task added – task 13

Domain 3: Executing the Project
* 2 tasks added – task 6, task 7

Domain 4: Monitoring and controlling the project
* 2 tasks added – task 6, task 7

Domain 5: Closing the project
* No new tasks added

Distribution of Exam Questions:
There is no change to the percentage in terms of question distribution among the 200 questions.

The following table identifies the proportion of questions from each domain that will appear on the examination. These percentages are used to determine the number of questions related to each domain and task that should appear on the multiple-choice format examination for PMP.
Percentage of Items on Test
I. Initiating 13%
II. Planning 24%
III. Executing 31%
IV. Monitoring and Controlling 25%
V. Closing 7%
Total  100%

How Does This Change in PMP Exam in Jan 2016  Impact You?

Although there have been task additions, the content is still based on the PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition.

Thus, if you are studying PMP material

Time for PMP Exam Change
Time for PMP Exam Change

based on this guide, or following our PMCHAMP Recommended PMP Study Plan, you are safe. Just make sure you are study from the Best PMP Books, which are all updated to handle the latest changes.

The PMChamp’s Online Video Training program is completely updated for these changes, so if you are planning to join our training, you are well covered, and will get the 35 contact hours of formal PM Training certificate at the end of it.

For example, Task 7 of Initiating is “Conduct benefit analysis with relevant stakeholders to validate project alignment with organizational strategy and expected business value“.

This means that you must be familiar with conducting ROI, Cost Benefit Analysis, NPV, PV, IRR, Payback Period, Cost Budget for the project. Not only must you be familiar with the concepts, you must know the formulas in most cases, and be able to apply them for the exam. Not all terms may require you to do calculations, but you must be able to deduce the correct answer from the choices provided by looking at the options, or doing a quick Cost Benefit analysis, or NPV analysis.

Most of these terms are not covered in the PMBOK Guide, but are available in PMP Books like Rita Mulchahy’s PMP Exam Prep, Eighth Edition, or the PMChamp Online Coaching program.

The only change is that previously such things were not explicitly listed on the PMP Examination guide, but they were tested in the exam. Now it is clearly mentioned, and is still tested on the PMP exam.

Another major item is the addition of the Tenth Knowledge Area (Stakeholder Management) in the PMBOK Guide Fifth edition. Tasks that involve updating the stakeholders (communication with stakeholders), and managing their expectations have been added (Task 6, 7 of Executing Domain). Previously this was only implied, but now it is written clearly by PMI. Therefore, you must be well aware, and ready for questions covering these topics  on the PMP exam.

Prepare For the PMP Exam With Lots of PMP Mock Questions:
You must prepare for the changed PMP exam with as many questions as possible. Try the PMP Exam Mock Questions here. With as many as 1000+ questions, you will be well prepared for the PMP Exam.

These tasks are sure to be tested on the revised PMP exam. So in terms of study, there is no difference, and no change in your strategy is required. You just have to be more aware about the changes, and anticipate direct questions on these regard.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions regarding the PMP exam changes in January 2016. You can post your questions on the PMP Community Forum.

I will be posting more detailed articles on the PMP Exam changes in the coming days… so keep checking the PMP Tips blog regularly. And network on the PMP Forum to keep yourself updated of the changes.

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