The PMP Exam Has Changed

By Vinai Prakash

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential examination has been revised in Jan 2016. This is based on updates to the professional role of a PMP® credential holder recently found by PMI’s Role Delineation Study (RDS).

The PMP Exam changes again on March 26, 2018. From this date onwards, it will be based on the PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition.

When: The new examination has been released already. This means that the new PMP Exam Format is now active, and you need to be aware about it.

The PMP exam will still be based on PMBOK Guide Version 5 (until March 25, 2018). However, PMI has advised that about 30% of the PMP Exam questions will get changed to reflect the project manager’s role as defined by the recent Role Delineation Study.

Education and experience eligibility requirements for the PMP credential will not change, however.

What has changed in the PMP Exam?
Certain areas of the PMP exam will be tested in a different way because an existing domain was seen to be common across all content areas of the exam. Specifically, the Professional and Social Responsibility content area will now be tested in every domain rather than as a separate domain on the exam.

This means that questions from the Professional and Social Responsibility area will now be spread out in each knowledge area and process group.

Check out the detailed feedback of students who have just passed the New PMP Exam.

PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct should therefore be viewed as now integrated into the day-to-day role of a project manager, emphasizing its importance in each phase of the project lifecycle.

From now onwards, the PMP Exam Question Distribution will now be revised as a result of this change.  The new exam distribution is given below:

Domain % of Questions
Initiating 13%
Planning 24%
Executing 30%
Monitoring & Control 25%
Closing 8%
Total Scored Questions: 175
Total Unscored Questions (Pre Test Questions): 25
Total Questions: 200

Time Allocated: 4 Hours

Change to the PMP Passing Score?
There has been no notification from PMI regarding the PMP Passing score. So as far as I know, use this guideline on the Passing Score of PMP Exam in 2016 and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Changed PMP Exam
PMI has also released a FAQ, which details the changes in the PMP exam. I suggest that you download it and read it carefully.

Study for 35 PDUs
It is best that you study well for your PMP Exam, with this changed format.  You can check out the PMCHAMP’s Online PMP Exam Prep Coaching workshop.

How to Study for this Changed PMP Exam
See PMP Sample Questions released by PMI. And also do as many Mock PMP Exam Questions as possible. Now you can also get 20 Free Questions on Quality Management just by subscribing to the PMP Newsletter.

Our online PMP Exam Prep Coaching Program is available now. You can check it out at

Let me know if you have any other questions regarding the change to the PMP Exam.

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  • Andrew Kohele

    Great article. Thanks for taking your time and posting this.

    I see the link for to “download the New PMP Exam Content Outline and Question Distribution” provides a pdf to the new content of the exam.

    My question is in regards to the current version of the PMP exam. Can download the similar document outlining the Current PMP Exam Content Outline and Question? It is a useful resource along with all the other exam prep material I have.

    Let me know your thoughts.

    Much thanks

    Kind Regards,

  • Rasha

    Hello there,

    I was wondering if I will need to retake the 35 hours course if I will be taking the exam after the 31st of August.

    Thank you.

    • Vinai

      Hi Rasha,

      No, you do not need to retake the 35 hour training for the PMP test after 31st August. In fact, the 35 hour training is for Life. Once you have done it, you have the 35 PDUs for life, and can apply for a PMP Exam at any time, based on these PDUs. Of course, you also need the Graduate Degree, and 4500 hours of project management experience to sit for the exam.

      Hope this helps.


  • ndurance Umenzeh

    I need to take the PMP exam by NOv 2011. I need PMBOK 4th Edition guide book and a DUMP

  • motasem

    still the exam contains multiple choice questions or changed

  • Tam Anderson

    Could somebody let me know the best Exam Prep is to take out there.


    • Tam,
      Have you looked at the PMChamp Onlien Coaching Videos – you can try out some sample video training sessions at

      Our course is a 6 week intensive course, which requires you to study for atleast an hour a day, and then do exercises on a daily basis to prepare for the PMP exam.


  • Pranay


    What are the changed made in Rita’s 6th edition. I have 6th edition and now I came to know that new version 7 is available however PMP exam is still based on PMBOK version 4. Can I refer version 6 for exam preparation?


    • There are not many changes in the 7th version of Rita’s book. Infact, the exam is still based on PMBOK version 4, so you are quite safe to continue reading the 6th edition. The major thing that has changed is that the Professional and Social Responsibility of a PM is not tested as a seperate domain. These questions are now intermixed with questions from other knowledge areas.
      Hope this helps – cheers, Vinai

  • Mordecai Muswera

    I am a PMI Risk management certified and planning on taking PMP in april, I am worried about maintaining my PDU after passing. How many hrs are required for the PMP (to maintain certification) and how do you assist certified holders maintain their certification in the cheapest possible way and are your PDU’s recognised by PMI. Thanks.

  • Rasheedat

    Hi Vinai, am about 2years in project management, have managed some small project of about $20,000 – 300,000 in value.

    Am planning to write my PMP exam before end of March, how do I participate in your 6 week intensive course?

    What are the requirements?

    I leave and work in Nigeria (GMT+1) time

  • Raghu

    Thank you very much for clarification, Do you have any sample questions/topics for reference on the Changes of P&SR topic w.r.t to Knowledge Areas. Appreciate your share.


  • Pauline

    I really love to say i love all these tips and techniques you are giving us, I am currently studying PMP through College and I am looking forward to be a certified PM by PMI. I am writing my aasignment in PMB sometime in April and I hope I am going to pass because there’s no time to fail. Thank you!

  • hind

    ALslam ALikom,
    i intend to take the pmp test in the few next months may be till july /2012 .but i heard that the new version of (pmbok 5) has my question is
    1- when the pmp test will be changed into the new (pmbok 5 ) is it on august/2012? or till the end of this year December /2012?

    2- what is your recommendation for the time frame period that is safe for me to take the pmp test with the (pmbok 4)?

    thank u for ur efforts.

    • Alslam,

      So far PMI has not published any date for PMBOK version 5. It is only in a Draft mode now… Even if the book appears by December 2012, it may take another 6 months before the book is applicable for the PMP Exams. So you are probably safe for this year easily. To be 100% sure, it is best to ask PMI themselves. You can contact the PMI customer service by going through website.

      Most people take about 6-8 weeks at a minimum to study for the PMP exam.