Why Do You Want To Achieve PMP Certification?


Over the past 2 days, I attended a Anthony Robbins Total Success seminar in Singapore. It was fantastic… mind blowing, awesome! I realized so many things about what I have done in the past, where I have arrived, and what are the things I haven’t done, why I haven’t done them, and what could be the potential?

The potential is huge, mind boggling to say the least. I have so many ideas, and so many things to do, and so little time, that I hardly get anything done. Blog Posts to write, Products to create, Trainings to conduct, Improvements to my blog, Time with my wife and kids,  Meditation, Health  etc.

Every time I do something in one area, another area begins to suffer. Sometimes,  looking at the heaps of pending work and so many projects, I am not sure what to do…. And procrastination sets in… fear sets in. Not knowing what to do first, where to begin?, I began feeling terrible, upset, confused and frustrated.

I am sure you all have felt the same at times. Overwhelmed at the amount of projects life throws at us, work, family, friends, health, relationships, spiritual, personal that we often get stuck. And whenever this happened, I used to make a new list of things to do, prioritize them, and get started… but over the next few days, God would send me some new challenges at work, new fires to fight, and this To Do list will go bust in not time. Then I got frustrated over the lack of progress, lack of control…once again.

Exactly the same things happens when you decide to go for the PMP certification. You decide WHAT you want to do (Study for the PMP exam), and then you start in earnest… sign-up for a good PMP training program, buy a good PMP exam preparation book from Amazon, and begin to study. And then a boulder comes your way, and your Best Laid Plans of getting a PMP certification are forgotten quickly. As time goes by… frustration grows, and come New Year, you begin to wonder where the year went. Then you decide that you will definitely get it done this year… But this movie gets repeated again and again. What exactly is the problem? It is our strategy, our goals, or are we lacking in any other area?

Having a To Do List is Not Enough
Well, during attending this training program with Anthony Robbins, he made us aware that just having a To Do list is not sufficient. A to do list is merely the WHAT needs to be done. But this does not motivates us. Human beings only work on 2 things – to gain pleasure, and to avoid pain. And a huge To Do list is actually a de-motivater. We look at its size, and this alone can get inertia to set in. Ouch! it is painful to look at a never ending list. And thus, hardly anything of value gets done!

Understanding The OPA Model
OPA ModelTony Robbins taught us that the END OUTCOME of what we really want must be identified first. If we can clearly see the Outcome in our minds first, it will provide clarity. Be Laser Focused. Make it clear and compelling.

So we must see ourselves as having been Professionally certified already. The outcome could be that we want to enjoy the happiness from the prestige that comes with professional certification, the higher self-esteem, the credibility of being a professionally certified project manager.

Then define the Purpose of  Why do we want PMP certification? The Power of Purpose is extremely important. Understanding the Reason behind our goal, and identifying the Purpose is really the key. The WHY do we want it so badly must be identified. Now that we know that professional certification is what we desire, we need to think of enough reasons of Why we want professional certification?

It could be that a professional PMP certification will add value to your CV, improve your salary, designation, role, level within the company, or it could improve your self-esteem, or that it will include you in the “also have” club of existing PMPs within your company. It could help you to move to another job, or another company, or start your own consulting firm. It could be something completely unique to you.

Whatever it is… identify it, and write it down. This must be a compelling reason that will force you to think of achieving your goals, no matter what.

Finally, you need to identify the Actions you need to take in order to achieve the Outcome you want. This boils down to writing down in detail, what you need to do to achieve your goals. You could write down steps that you need  to do, and could even sequence them.

For example, you might say that I will plan for the PMP exam certification, identify a good PMP coaching program, and begin to study in earnest. You could even make a detailed PMP study Plan (if you need help with creating one, you could use this sample PMP study plan here).

You might go into detail, and decide when you will study (mornings or evenings, or whatever time suits you), how much time you will devote to PMP studies, and even plan to book the exam date in advance, so it will act as a motivator as the due date comes closer.

A Practical Program to Success
We usually associate a certain meaning to Goals. We set them high, and when we do not achieve them, we beat ourselves, we feel guilty. But if the Outcome is not achieved, and we are dead sure why it is essential, why we really want it, then we can change our plans, our goals, and our activities to something different.

Remember, you can’t fail if you do not quit!
If you keep playing, continue to change your strategies to get the desired outcome, you will definitely emerge as a winner. The important thing is to be ready to adapt, change, and the moment things become difficult, make a shift, make a change in your plans. But do not beat yourself for not achieving them. Instead, be ready for such boulders thrown at you, and adapt your plans.

With a clear Outcome, a Clear Purpose, and Updated Actions that match the current situation, you are in a much better chance of achieving your desires, your aspirations and your future!

Taking massive action, being ready to change and adapt them as the situation unfolds, and a clear vision, laser focus helps us in getting closer and closer to our ultimate outcome, fulfilling our desires, our happiness.

The Triple Constraints of Scope, Time & Cost on Any Project
clear_laser_focused_PMPAs a project manager, you must be familiar with the golden triangle – the triple constraints of Scope, Time and Cost.

Of these, the Scope comes first. If the scope of the project is not clear, then you really can’t plan the the amount of time it will take to get the job done well. And if the schedule can’t be created, how can you work on the Cost of the project.

Thus, if the Scope is not clear, it impacts the Time and the Cost. They can never be accurate, and it is not their fault. We all know it that the problem lies in not having a clear Scope.

Similarly, if the Objective is not clear, the Purpose of Why we want is not clear, then simply doing some activities will not get the job done, and will certainly cause

The OPA Model for PMP Certification – A Surefire Way to Achieve More in Your Life!
So let’s decide your outcome – say you want the PMP certification for yourself this year. Then find enough compelling reasons of WHY you want to achieve PMP certification, and finally define the Actions (Goals/ Activities) that will take you there.

If the Purpose is clear, and Big enough, you will be compelled to achieve it, no matter the kind of difficulties thrown at you, no matter the size of the problems, issues, changes you may have to face. You will emerge as a Winner – Stronger, Resilient, and Ready to take on the World, the next Challenge, and the sky is the limit!
You can achieve your dreams of PMP certification with this simple OPA model!

I have come out of this Anthony Robbins program with a clear OPA for my Blog,  and my 2 major projects, and I am compelled to achieve them, because the WHY is so big… so huge, and so impactful.. It simply moves me. When I think of the Why, I am filled with a sense of awe, and it becomes absolutely necessary. And when one is committed, and begins what we have committed to do, then Providence moves too (Goethe). Thus, I will find ways to achieve my dreams. And you will too! God Bless.

Vinai Prakash


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