What is Your Biggest Concern Regarding the PMP Exam?

Most people have passed the primary school, secondary school, attained a college degree with flying colours, joined an organization, and achieved many accolades at work, but they shudder at the mention of attempting and passing the PMP examination…Question regarding PMP Exam?

I speak at many seminars, workshops and PMP Training Bootcamps all over the world, and the situation is the same everywhere. Why?

Why is the PMP exam so dreadful?

Surely you have handled many challenges at home and at work, which were far complicated or tough… and yet you survived.

So if I may ask, What exactly is the issue? Fill this quick survey form so I can help you.

What is your Biggest Concern Regarding the PMP Exam?

Is it any of the following:

  • Setting aside Time to Study
  • Commitment to Study for the exam
  • Thick Books to read
  • Peer Pressure
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Memorizing the Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs (ITTOs)
  • Worried about Eligibility criteria
  • Not a project manager, so maybe I am not be qualified to take the exam…
  • Failed the PMP exam in the first attempt.
  • or is it something else?

Do let me know what’s bugging you. After all, your career in project management is at stake. If you don’t do anything, things are not going to change much… It is up to you to do something about it.

Believe me, there are solutions available, which will work for you.

Just post a comment below, or email to me about the issues you are facing. I can offer suggestions to you, at no charge, that can help you.

I want to help you in achieving a professional certification that will boost your career, just like it did mine years ago.

Tell me your issues and concerns. Simply fill this quick form and tell me your issues.


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