Do you need to memorize ITTO for the PMP Exam

By Vinai Prakash

ITTO stand for Inputs, Tools & Techniques & Outputs.

ITTO’s exist for each of the 47 Processes, based on the PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition. These processes are spread in the 10 Knowledge Areas and the 5 Process Groups.

Understanding the ITTOs is vital to pass the PMP Exam. Atleast 40% of the PMP Exam questions (roughly 80 out of 200), can be answered correctly if you have a solid understanding of the Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs of the Processes… and their interactions.

However many people just resort to memorize them, and guess what… memorizing it for 47 processes not easy, and is not really necessary. Yes, you need to remember them for a few processes to be exact, but not all.  If you attend any PMP Training, or buy a good Exam Prep Book, you can understand how the different processes interact with each other. The output of any process becomes the input to the next process in the logical order.

Even if you are able to memorize it, you may make mistakes, or may not be able to answer the PMP exam questions if you do not understand the relationship between the different processes.

Test your knowledge of ITTOs for PMP Exam?

Q1: As an output of the Monitor & Control Risk process, an updated risk register generally includes some or all of the following EXCEPT:

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Q2: Tools & Techniques to acquire the project team include all of the following EXCEPT:

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Q3: You have just completed the schedule baseline and the cost baseline. What would be the most appropriate thing to do NEXT:

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Answers to these 3 questions are provide at the bottom of this post.

Importance of Knowing the Inputs, Outputs, Tools & Techniques for Each Process

How to Remember ITTOs for the PMP Exam

  • What is the correct sequence of processes?
  • Which process comes first? Which process would have been completed before this process can start

Practice Tips

Answers to ITTO questions above:
Q1: Correct answer is B – second choice
Q2: Correct answer is C – third choice
Q3: Correct answer is D – fourth choice

A Handy ITTO Resource Guide for you to print and carry around
We have created a handy ITTO resource guide, that you can print and carry around with you, to read as and when you get time.

You can get it here (Excel 2003 File – Right Click to Download) – ITTO-for-PMP-Exam

Attend Online PMP Training by PMChamp Coach  Vinai. Watch a video each day, and learn important concepts in easy, bite sized pieces.

Hope this helps you in preparing for the PMP Exam in a better way. All the Best!

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Vinai Prakash, PMP

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