Online PMP Workshop begins Oct. 3. Join Today!

LAST CHANCE to Register for the Workshop:Workshop Schedule: October 3, 2011

Why join the PMCHAMP Online Coaching Program?
There are a number of benefits if you join the course.

1. Delivered one video per day – spend an hour a day to prepare for the PMP Exam

2. Watch anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

3. A complete Refresher Course to jog your memory and remind you of important concepts, just weeks before your PMP Exam

4. Take part in Member’s only Forum and ask any number of questions. Fellow students, and the PMChamp Vinai will answer your questions.

5. Get the 35 Contact Hours PDU certificate after the end of the training. This is one of the requirements towards your eligibility for the PMP credential.

6. Sample exam questions, tip sheets, downloadable documents are all provided to registered students.

Check out the Course Outline and Downloadable Program Brochure here.

Join the Program Today: If you want to join the program, please click here, and pay USD129. You can make payment through Paypal – using your Visa, MasterCard or American Express Cards.

I hope to see you soon in the PMP Coaching Workshop.

Online PMP Exam Prep Workshop Begins on: October 3, 2011

To your success!

Vinai Prakash, PMP, ITIL
Founder & Master Trainer: PMCHAMP.COM


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  1. Hi Manas. your log ins have been sent on the day you register. I can see your activities inside the online training class, hope you’re doing great on your day to day PMP training and exercises. You can also post your thoughts on the Members Forum.



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