PMP Exam Preparation Test

At PMCHAMP, we have created a mock PMP Quiz – a Free PMP Test to see if you are understanding the concepts of project management for sitting for the PMP exam. It is a short test, but it will give you a good indication of your preparedness for the PMP Exam.

This PMP Quiz is completely free, and provided to you as a courtesy of PMCHAMP, to assist PMP aspirants judge their level of readiness for the PMP Exam.

Make sure you do not have any distractions, and you can spare 15 minutes to do this short test. Keep a paper and pencil handy to do calculations. Simply key in your Name & Email and get started with the PMP Test.

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This PMP Mock Test Quiz is developed by Vinai Prakash, founder of PMCHAMP.


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  1. I’ll be taking the pmp exam on 30th Sep; which 21 days from now. Hope the exam questions provided here is beneficial to prepare for the exams.


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