Why Do You Want To Achieve PMP Certification?

Over the past 2 days, I attended a Anthony Robbins Total Success seminar in Singapore. It was fantastic… mind blowing, awesome! I realized so many things about what I have done in the past, where I have arrived, and what are the things I haven’t done, why I haven’t done them, and what could be … Read more

What is the Delphi Technique?

Yesterday, after I wrote about the Performance Measurement Baseline for the PMP exam, I received an email asking about the Delphi Technique. I replied to the query, but then thought to expand it, and make it into a detailed article for your benefit too, as it is a common question on the PMP exam. Most … Read more

The Concept of “Journey to Abiline”

Journey To Abiline - Paradox for PMP Exam

The Journey to Abiline is a relatively new concept. It has appeared for some people in the PMP Exam, even though it is not mentioned in the PMBOK Guide. This shows that one needs to be well read, and be aware of a number of Management Theories, Human Resource Theories, and Motivation Theories for the … Read more

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