Focus on Your Strengths

Focus on Your Strengths

We all have some strengths and some weaknesses. From school days, parents & teachers all keep hammering us regarding our weak areas. If you are weak in Maths, everyone will keep pushing you to improve your Maths. You study hard, go for tuition classes, buy extra assessment books, do more Math questions and papers to … Read more

Are You Good At Delegating?

Delegating For Managers

Do you feel overloaded, stressed, and don’t seem to be making much progress? This is a common issue faced by most managers.  There are only a limited number of hours each day. What you do with these is crucial to your success. You must identify your core skills and tasks that only you can do, … Read more

Shut Up! and Listen…

Shut Up & Listen

  One of the key aspects of being a Great Project Manager, is to be a Great Communicator. And to be a Great Communicator, you have to become a Great Listener… Many people think that listening is not part of communication. They think that only when they are talking is when communication happens. In most … Read more

Dump Multi Tasking. Embrace Single-Tasking!

Smallest Step Matters

As busy project managers or active team members, we seem to be running around, getting things done asap. Cheaper, Faster, Better, Multi-tasking are buzzwords which are key to our survival. Multi-tasking is a fantastic drug… it really gets you hooked. Whatever you do, you feel like you are in control, that you are doing more, … Read more

Work Matters. Make A Difference!

Work Matters. Period. We do not work just to get paid, just to finish the 9-5 routine. We want to make a difference, a contribution, a celebration of life, of living. Therefore, work matters! But are you doing your best today? Are you excelling at work? If not, why not. WHY? W. H. Y. ? … Read more

Do You Want To Be A Better Project Manager?

30 Days Challenge: Be a Better Project Manager

Some people like status quo, a.k.a. no change… They are happy where they are, and don’t want to grow…. But I am sure you are not one of them. Probably you have some goals, some aspirations, you want to be better, learn more, earn more, gain name, fame, recognition, move to the next level… If … Read more

Why Do You Want To Achieve PMP Certification?

Over the past 2 days, I attended a Anthony Robbins Total Success seminar in Singapore. It was fantastic… mind blowing, awesome! I realized so many things about what I have done in the past, where I have arrived, and what are the things I haven’t done, why I haven’t done them, and what could be … Read more

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