Importance of PMP Examination

A lot of people have asked me about the importance of obtaining the PMP certification.  Some asked if it is really required, and if it proves any point – given that they achieve real experience in executing projects in the real life, and learn from them.

Well, I must say that all my life I was selected for all the jobs I held in the corporate world based on my merit, my experience, my capabilities, and I didn’t bother about any certifications in the corporate world.

However I did notice that more and more companies were advertising for the PMP® certification in their job ads, and upon further investigation, I found the PMP certification program offered by PMI® to be quite interesting, challenging and tough by many accounts. My job did not require me to get a PMP certification, yet it seemed quite impressive.

Being the one to always take on challenges, I decided to take up this opportunity to get the certification, and I must say it opened my eyes to a completely new and holistic way of managing projects. Studying for it and taking the test was quite a task, and having done it, I would suggest that every experienced, current or aspiring project manager must get a PMP certification as it certainly gives you a new and much larger perspective on project management, as well as open quite a few new doors.

As I joined the PMI chapter in my city of Singapore, I found a much larger community of like minded project managers & people with similar interests, and immediately my circle of interest, and influnce grew. I was getting invited to speak, and many people were seeking my advice on diverse topics.

This led to many speaking and writing opportunities, and with my project management articles getting published in local newspapers like the Straits Times, magazines like Today’s Manager from the Singapore Institute of Management,  I felt that I had a much higher credibility than before. Somehow, people accord a higher value to the views of a person who is a published author.

Well, so much for that.  However, the fact remains that all this started with my taking up the challenge, studying and achieving the PMP certification.

Who knows what doors are waiting for you to open. Go ahead, give it a try, take up the challange, perform the journey and I am sure you will find immense benefit, and new things will appear in your life.  Doors can only open if you knock on doors. Try, and you shall succeed. A PMP certification is certainly a great asset in your career managing projects.

Do let me know what you feel about the importance of getting a PMP certification.

Vinai Prakash, PMP

2 thoughts on “Importance of PMP Examination”

  1. Sir,

    My exam is scheduled on 31st May 2011 and i have completed only Rita Mulchay except procurement and integration(knowledge areas) which i have started w/o going through PMBOK 4 edition.

    I have realized this mistake via one of my collegue who has passed PMP exam Dec 2010.Am in utter state of confusion and also developing phobia about PMP exam.

    Desperately seek your advice and guidance to success this exam as i have also taken a 1 month leave from my co,.


    • Hi Mirza,

      Glad that you have a month to study for the PMP exam. This should be enough. If you have Rita’s book, you can easily review the Procurement Management & Integration Management knowledge areas, and attempt the sample questions given at the end of each chapter.

      Beware that both of these topics are not easy, and atleast 10-15 questions come from each of these knowledge areas. If you do not handle the Procurement in your project, this will be a blind spot in your knowledge. So you need to study and practice extra hard so that you can attempt and get the PMP Exam questions right.

      Work on a regular study plan, and attempt as many PMP sample exam questions as possible.

      Take care, and all the Best!

      Vinai, PMP


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