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Road to Abilene: PMP Question

Are you familiar with the concept of the Journey to Abilene? Recently, this concept has started showing up on the PMP exam. Make sure you about it.

Organizations frequently take actions in contradiction to what they really want to do and therefore defeat the very purposes they are trying to achieve – Get the full Abilene article.

Free Questions on Quality KA

Did you grab the 20 Free questions on Quality Management Knowledge Area? If not, get them here.

Or simply e-mail to me

No Time to Study for PMP?

We have created a sample study plan for you. With this, you can study for the PMP exam 1 hour a day, and get certified within 6-8 weeks.

The first step is to cover the Project Management Framework in small steps. Then cover the knowledge areas, and go through the processes as defined in the PMBOK Guide.

Review our step by step PMP study plan which has helped hundreds of project managers in achieving the PMP certification. Read More >>

We are committed to help you achieve your PMP certification, and accelerate your career to the next level.

How I Accelerated My Career With PMP certification

Professional certification helps you in proving your competence and credibility at the workplace. The PMP Certification is the highest certification in Project Management.

Read how I accelerated my career with PMP certification here.

Worried about the PMP Exam?

If you are worried about the PMP exam, failed at an earlier attempt, or have some questions regarding your eligibility, or any other issue, you can write to the PMChamp Founder Mr. Vinai Prakash.

Mr. Vinai will personally answer your questions, queries, and
help you in any way we can.

We are committed to help you achieve your PMP certification, and accelerate your career to the next level.

About Us

PMChamp is the brain child of Vinai Prakash, PMP,ITIL, MBA, GAP, founder of Intellisoft Training.

Vinai loves to share his tips, tricks and techniques to manage projects better, faster, cheaper.

We conduct Project Management training & seminars all over the world.


Heartiest congratulations to Genti B, Sook Fung, Zhang Ming, Ding Ding, Kathy Krypel & Rohan G who passed the PMP exam with the PMP Exam Prep Online Coaching Program. Well done. We are proud of your achievement!

Simply join the PMChamp Online PMP Training & Coaching Program if you would like to Pass the PMP exam in your first attempt too.

Online PMP Training

Now you can study anytime, anywhere, with a iPad, phone, or a PC with Internet connection.

Simply join the PMChamp Online PMP Training & Coaching Program.

Learn through Pre-recorded videos, and do the steps, exercises.

Ask questions for any clarifications. Subscribe today & get started on your journey to be a PMP certified project manager.


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