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Tips to Pass the PMP Exam Fast!

PMP Mock Test: Check Your PM Knowledge & Readiness for PMP Exam

At PMChamp, we have created a mock PMP test to check your readiness for PMP exam.

If you are planning to take the PMP test anytime soon, you should check if your base foundational knowledge of Project management fundamentals is based on sound PMI principles or not.

You can take the Free PMP Mock test here.


Passed PMP: Congratulations!

Here’s a letter we received recently from our student Bhavani.

Hi Vinai Prakash,

I passed my PMP Exam and wanted to convey that listening to your Videos several times and attending free online  mock exams really helped a lot. Here is my experience…

My study plan was first learn the basics right from your videos, then do the logical thinking on each process that way was able to identify the ITTO.

Got confused many times with work performance data, information and reports….got into more details on these for examples and started relating to real time projects.

Studied and answered the questions at end of each chapter in Rita Mulcahy book as well.
Regarding the Professional ethics, there were atleast 6 questions on this topic in the exam.

Thanks once again for your excellent coaching style. I loved the videos.
Best Regards, Bhavani, PMP 

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What Is The Delphi Technique?

When there are many experts, they all generally postulate their own theory, and it is often difficult to come to a common solution or a consensus.

Experts tend to stick to their own views, and may not be prepared to accept other theories in favor of their own theory. Their ego often comes in between. We can’t afford to lose the experts…

So what is the solution?
Read how the Delphi Technique is so useful


3 Common PMP Exam Related Questions

I get a lot of PMP Exam related questions, which are essentially the same.

So I answered a few common questions here, for everyone’s benefit… >> Read Common PMP Related Questions & Our Answers here.

And write to me if you have any other questions…

All the Best – Vinai

About Us

PMChamp is the brain child of Vinai Prakash, PMP,ITIL, MBA, GAP, founder of Intellisoft Training.

Vinai loves to share his tips, tricks and techniques to manage projects better, faster, cheaper.

We conduct Project Management training & seminars all over the world.


Heartiest congratulations to PMCHAMP students, who passed the PMP exam recently:

Sandy Wyatt, PMP
Bhavani, PMP
Sanjay Kumar, PMP

Online PMP Training

Now you can study anytime, anywhere, with a iPad, phone, or a PC with Internet connection.

Simply join the PMChamp Online PMP Training & Coaching Program.

Learn through Pre-recorded videos, and do the steps, exercises.

Ask questions for any clarifications. Subscribe today & get started on your quest to be a PMP certified manager.

No Time to Study for PMP?

We have created a sample study plan for you. With this, you can study for the PMP exam 1 hour a day, and get certified within 6-8 weeks.



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