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Tips to Pass the PMP Exam Fast!

PMP Mock Test: Check Your PM Knowledge & Readiness for PMP Exam

Did you have time to take up the mock PMP test to check your readiness for PMP exam?

If you are planning to take the PMP test anytime soon, you should check if your base foundational knowledge of Project management fundamentals is based on sound PMI principles or not.

You can take the Free PMP Mock test here.


Passed PMP: Congratulations!

Here’s a letter we received recently from our student Arnab.

Hi Vinai Prakash,

I joined your course with the goal to take and pass the PMP exam.

I passed the exam.
There were at least 20 questions from EVM. Also there were lot of questions from Conflict Management and Risk mitigation/avoid etc. Thanks for helping me get the certification.

God bless you!


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Mock PMP Question:

You are working on the Butter Factory project. The equipment has arrived, and the installation work has begun. It is scheduled for 4 weeks and budget at completion is USD40,000. After the completion of the first week, you noticed that 20% of the work has been completed and the actual amount spent so far has been USD15,000. What is the Schedule Performance Index?

Go ahead, try it out. Then you can continue to read, and check your understanding and the correct answer.

And write to me if you have any other questions…

All the Best – Vinai

About Us

PMChamp is the brain child of Vinai Prakash, PMP,ITIL, MBA, GAP, founder of Intellisoft Training.

Vinai loves to share his tips, tricks and techniques to manage projects better, faster, cheaper.

We conduct Project Management training & seminars all over the world.


Heartiest congratulations to PMCHAMP students, who passed the PMP exam recently:

Sandy Wyatt, PMP
Bhavani, PMP
Sanjay Kumar, PMP

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