Knowledge Area / Process Group Interaction

Among the [intlink id=”38″ type=”post”]10 Knowledge areas[/intlink] and the [intlink id=”40″ type=”post”]5 Process Groups[/intlink] are spread out the 47 Processes, in the PMBOK Guide, Sixth edition. The planning process group alone contains 20 processes. Initiating and Closing process Groups have 2 Processes each. Executing has 8 and Monitoring and Control has the balance 10 processes. … Read more

Project Management Knowledge Areas

There are 10 Knowledge Areas of Project Management, as defined in the PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition. Integration Management Scope Management Time Management Cost Management Quality Management Human Resource Management Communications Management Risk Management Procurement Management Stakeholder Management You can remember them in order, if you can remember the following phrase – the first letter of … Read more

11 Things to Remember for PMP Exam

There are some universal fundamental truths that you must remember to answer the PMP exam questions correctly. You may not have come across these “truths” in your existing projects, so you may think them to be “false”, “not correct” or simply “not possible”. However, this is a mistake many PMP aspirants make. And it turns … Read more

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