What’s Keeping Your From Achieving PMP Certification?

If you are serious about your career, and want to make some real progress, you have to take action. Nothing much will change if you do not do any thing and just keep waiting.

To be frank, no one cares about you… Except your mom. If you want to succeed, do something that will make a difference!

Getting professional certification is one sure way to make a difference. People will begin to notice your profile on Job Sites, and you will get called for interviews etc. much more often. Why not get the PMP certification and advance your career?

It is now possible to study for the PMP exam at home…. Online. Simply join an online coaching program for PMP.

Are you afraid of the PMP Exam?

Most people have passed so many tough exams in school, college, at competitions, and  in real life, and succeeded. So why are you afraid of the PMP exam?

What exactly is the issue? Fill this quick survey form so I can help you.

What is your Biggest Concern Regarding the PMP Exam?

Is it any of the following:

  • Setting aside Time to Study
  • Commitment to Study for the exam
  • Thick Books to read
  • Peer Pressure
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Memorizing the Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs (ITTOs)
  • Worried about Eligibility criteria
  • Not a project manager, so maybe I am not be qualified to take the exam…
  • Failed the PMP exam in the first attempt.
  • Or is it something else?

Do let me know what’s bothering you. After all, your career in project management is at stake.

Believe me, there are solutions available, which will work for you.

Just post a comment below, or email to me about the issues you are facing. I can offer suggestions to you, at no charge, that can help you.

I want to help you in achieving a professional certification that will boost your career, just like it did mine years ago.

Tell me your issues and concerns. Simply fill this quick form and tell me what’s keeping your from achieving the PMP certification.

Vinai Prakash, PMP, MBA, ITIL, Six Sigma,
Founder & Principal Trainer at  PMP Online Coaching Program at PMCHAMP

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